There are two types of Scholarships; Financial Need and College.

Financial Need

Winter Springs Performing Arts believes that every young person should have the opportunity to experience the performing arts. Financial Need scholarships are for current or prospective children who are interested in participating in a production at WSPA but are unable to afford the tuition fees. Scholarships may be partial or for the full tuition fee. Your donation can help.

College Scholarship

Research shows and Winter Springs Performing Arts believes that performing arts programs benefit students in a wide variety of ways including academic achievement, social development, and in the development of skills that can be applied to their future endeavors in college and their adult lives. College scholarships are for WSPA graduating high school seniors for use at the college of their choice. You can invest in the future of our youth.


Each type of scholarship may be either Annual or Endowed.


Annual scholarships are one-time scholarships. For instance, “The John Q. Public Annual Scholarship”. The donor must renew the scholarship each year with a new donation. This allows the donor the flexibility to fund a scholarship in the short term, with the potential to continue for as long as they wish. They are typically $1000 scholarships.


Endowed scholarships are typically large value donations of $10,000 to $25,000 dollars where the principle is invested to build for at least one year, and the resulting interest used to fund a continuing scholarship. Your investment now, can benefit children for years to come.

To make your contribution for a scholarship now, please use one of the following three options:

  1. Print and fill out the Corporate Donation Form from our Corporate Donor Packet and mail it in with your donation.
  2. Fill out the Online Corporate Donation Form below and pay online.
  3. Email us at

For other options on how your organization can help, please download our Corporate Donor Packet or explore the links below for more information.


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